The Land Registry Title Register provides all information relating to the ownership of a property.

It is the only official document that proves a property’s details of ownership, purchase price and all facets in which it is owned; including restrictions affecting the property and it’s ownership.



The Title plan outlines the extent a property is owned. It details the parts of a property that are affected by rights of way or restrictive covenants. These restrictions will be marked in red. Areas of land removed from ownership are outlined in green. This document is the other official documentation proving property ownership.

All information regarding colour coding is included within the Title Register document, you may find it beneficial to purchase this document also.


The Flood Risk Indicator is a textual result indicating flood risk to registered land.

The Flood Risk Indicator combines information from The Environmental Agency and Natural Resources Wales flood data with Land Registry property data to provide clients with comprehensive information indicating whether a piece of land or property is at risk of flooding.


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